Things to do in Palisade, CO

Less Than 5 Miles

Downtown Palisade

Distance: Right Next Door

Downtown Palisade is home to many events throughout the year, including the peach festival and the farmers market. And it’s right next door!
All of the fun of palisade is a one minute walk from the front door.

Palisade Memorial Park

Distance: 0.3 Miles – 5-7 mins (walking)

Palisade Memorial Park is a memorial to Wayne N. Aspinall. A congressman, state legislator, and former resident of Palisade.  The park has two shelters that are available for reservation. and is home to a couple events throughout the year.

Riverbend Park

Distance: 1.0 Mile – 2-4 mins

Riverbend Park is where festivals are held here in Palisade. From Colorado Mountain Winefest to the Bluegrass and Roots. If you are planning to stay during one of Palisade’s great festivals, stay here. You’ll only be a walk away.

Palisade Rim Trail

2.2 Miles – 5-7 mins (Driving)

Palisades latest trail features spectacular views and dangerous terrain. Beware, this trail is not for the faint of heart.

View the trail and all it’s information here ->  Palisade Rim Trail

Take a Virtual walk along the trail here -> Google Trail View

Mount Garfield Trail

Distance: 2.5 Miles – 7 mins (Driving)

For those seeking more adventure than a leisurely stroll, you’ve got Mount Garfield. This bold promontory in the Bookcliffs has an elevation of 1,900 feet from the roadway. See more here.

Between 15 and 30 Miles

Colorado National Monument

Distance: 18.4 Miles – 30 mins (Driving)

The Colorado National Monument is a great attraction for all to see. Take a scenic, 23 mile, drive over the monument and stop at some of the most amazing viewpoints that overlook all of the grand valley.

Driving direction to the eastern entrance -> Eastern Monument Entrance

Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Distance: 28.4 Miles – 38 mins (Driving)

If you visit Palisade during the winter months, plan a day of Colorado skiing at Powderhorn Mountain Resort.  If you visit during any other season, check their website to see what festival or sporting event is scheduled for while you are here.